This is not an exhaustive list or all-encompassing work. It is a small collection of the work I have done in the areas below to date (well, those that have been committed to writing). It is intended to be a “first reference” of many and to help answer the question I continually receive, “where can I read about that?”

Peace – Dr. Paul Anderson

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About the Author

Dr. Paul Anderson (“Dr.A”) is an author, speaker, physician, teacher, media host.

He is the CEO of the Anderson Medical Group which includes a state of the art integrative medical clinic in Seattle Washington serving people with cancer and advanced chronic illnesses. In addition to this he operates a medical education website, a Radio show / Podcast on CTR Radio Network and a patient outreach and medical education services firm.

Dr.A uses his over two decades of work as a physician and four decades total in medicine to bring a unique view of medicine to patients, physicians and the public. His vision is that of returning to the medical ideal of “treating the whole person” while incorporating all that modern science can add. And while medicine is often divided into sections (“western medicine”, “Chinese medicine”, “traditional medicine”, “botanical medicine” etc.) there are in reality only two kinds of medicine: good medicine and bad medicine and that good medicine takes the best of all forms and integrates them. In this way the patient is afforded the very best that history and science have to offer.

His training as a naturopathic medical doctor was also unique and eclectic spanning traditional hospital training as well as integrative and natural medical training and practice. He has blended both worlds of medicine in practice and now trains other physicians in advanced medical therapies and true medical integration. In recognition of his clinical work Dr.A was named as one of the “Top Doctors” in Seattle three times.

For five years Dr.A was involved in a National Institutes of Health research project innovating and evaluating integrative cancer therapies. He has combined that experience and his other clinical and research work to offer, teach and write about truly cutting edge integrative cancer therapies. Out of this research work he was able to author a number of cutting edge clinical guidelines for integrative oncology. He has taken this work to the next level in his own conference series “Advanced Applications in Medical Practice” a twice yearly advanced continuing medical education seminar series.

Dr.A also published a book for cancer patients and their families called “Outside the Box Cancer Therapies” (Hay House Publishing) based on both he and his co-authors clinical experience and the cancer research he had been involved in.

When he is not on the road or working from his Seattle offices Dr.A enjoys time with his wife Lori and their family. They have five adult children and five grandchildren who provide endless opportunities for fun and interaction. His family has always been his driving force, motivation and joy.

Dr. Paul S Anderson

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